Hey y’all! Check out my first system test video!

Hey y’all, I recently started a YouTube channel, and I’m going to see how well I can make videos for YouTube! I started off with some of my more rare items in my first test to start it off strong, and in my second test I featured some of my favorite alarms! I cant wait to post more content soon, as I get more back boxes and resistors :joy: my next task will be to set up a home system with my 4006 and a demo/enthusiast system with my ms-10. Thank y’all for any support or suggestions! I’ll link my channel below if y’all wanna check it out


I subscribed! Nice videos, I hope your channel succeeds! Also, if you still need resistors, I can sell you some since I have a ton. Just DM me how many you need and we can discuss payment.

Nice looking little system!

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