High-candela Strobe in Bathroom

I’ve talked about this here before years ago, and even to this day, I still wonder about this.

In a restaurant (actually a pizzeria and another restaurant joined together), there’s a bathroom that had a ceiling-mount SpectrAlert Classic remote strobe rated at a whopping 177 candela. And the worst part, it’s a very small bathroom (smaller than my bedroom if you’ve seen my videos).

Is there any reason for this? I can’t even imagine it going off when you’re in there.

I don’t know about code but, it can’t blind you like a SpectrAlert Advance horn can make you deaf (joking, of course it can’t make lose hearing).

Actually the Specter Alert advanced if put on high and Put in a resonating room, it would make your high end hearing fade away. :stuck_out_tongue:

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someone probably ordered the wrong thing and they made do with it. code doesn’t require it, but doesn’t prevent it either.

the reality is in any bathroom you don’t need more than 15cd. reasoning is most bathrooms have giant mirrors to add to the reflections which counts towards the requirements… so that’s going to make the 177cd even worse.

In all seriousness, will it have the potential to cause any injury? I’m curious now.

no more than any other fire alarm strobe. could blind you, but anything could if you stare right at it.