Home Depot has Gentex Commanders all over the place.

The local Home Depot has Gentex Commanders on the ceiling all over the place very close together to each other. I hope the system never activates when I’m there.

my home depot has the same setting (commander 4s) for their system but its a horn/strobe, then a strobe, then a horn/strobe again and that repeats from wall to wall. try and check the grilles.

My Lowe’s has Wheelock MTs as the main fire notification appliance. However, all of the emergency doors are accompanied by a Gentex Commander 3. I assume they’re used as a door alarm.

The Commanders by each emergency exit are blue, right? I’ve seen Lowe’s with blue Commander 3s acting as the emergency exit alarms, at others I’ve seen white no-lettering Gentex SHGs/GMSes instead, along with a few that have white Wheelock MTs as the outdoor emergency exit alarms. (& one with a white NS)

As far as the fire alarm signals, most Lowe’s I’ve been to have had Wheelock ASes, I think some had ceiling-mount Spectralert Classics though.

No, the Gentex Commander 3s at my Lowe’s are in a white shell, unlettered, and have a standard uncolored strobe lens. I assume they’re attached as door alarms on the emergency exit doors since that’s the only place I see them.

Hmm, can’t say I’ve ever seen white no-lettering Commanders used as emergency exit alarms, all I’ve seen are the blue versions.

At Walt Disney World, in the queue for Soarin’ at Epcot, there’s a roll-up door (between the Soarin’ building and The Land pavilion) that used to have unmarked black Commanders to indicate that the door is closing, but they were replaced a few years ago with unmarked white SpectrAlert Advances.

The buildings also use Commanders for the fire alarm system, as do many other buildings at Walt Disney World.

I’ve seen that in person, actually. You mean to tell me they replaced them with SpectrAlerts? That sucks… But, on the bright side, I guarantee you they still have the Commanders in most of the buildings at Disney World. Always fun to see.

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imma be honest the commander’s appearance and sound fits really well with the home depot’s aesthetic LOL

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