Home Fire Drills!

I decided to create a Home Fire Drill Topic. Feel free to share how you conduct your drills if you do them, and how your drills went.

Depends on who you ask. Most people won’t do them.

When I do them, I usually set off the security alarm since I don’t have to hold the test button on the smoke alarms. I usually gave prior notice and occasionally blocked an exit to see how creative my family members were… :stuck_out_tongue:
The traditional way is to get people in their rooms so they can find their way out from where they’re sleeping.
For the most part, they do pretty well.

I have friends who are firefighters and occasionally blindfold their kids to teach them what to do if they ever enter a smoke-filled room. They’ll find their way out by following walls. I’ve never seen it before but it’s not the worst idea.

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