Homemade Arduino Fire Alarm Panel

Hi all,

I am currently making a fire alarm system out of an Arduino! I have documented the progress on my YT channel, go check it out if you have time! :smiley: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ckzE … DkkNfWVz5Q”>Lexzach's Alarms - YouTube</LINK_TEXT>

Nice work so far! Looks like you have put a lot of good work into the NAC coding. Have you got a way to supervise the NAC circuit in normal mode? Also, how are you planning to supervise the pull station?

I’ve done a bit of work making a fire alarm panel out of an Arduino UNO so if I can be of any help shoot me a message?

Really nice job on this! It really came out very awesome!