Homemade "Horn-Strobe" help

Hello! I was thinking about building my own homemade horn-strobe with a plastic electrical plate, a piezo buzzer, and 3 hi-brightness LEDs. Is there a way I could use a 555 circuit to pulse the “strobe?” Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yeah, if you build an astable circuit and use the right resistors and capacitor, you can get it to have a very short ON time and a 1 second OFF time.

I suppose I could use a potentiometer to adjust the flash speed?

I found a schematic for a pulsing LED circuit but can the 555 chip handle higher voltages than 9 volts?

No, you will need to use a voltage regulator + circuit such as a 7805 to power it. Don’t forget a resistor to prevent the high intensity LED from blowing up!

I’m not really good with schematics, but I’d need a resistor, voltage regulator, a capacitor, and a 555?