Honeywell Alarm ID?

Can someone please indentify this? And tell me if the photo came up please…

It came up.
I think that was actually a thermostat painted red or something, I’ve seen that thing before.

Alright, It was a thermostat. Actually almost killed myself w/ it. I opened it to mount it on my bedroom wall and BAM!, kerosene comes flying out and goes into my mouth, eyes, and nose. I quickly went to the restroom to rinse everything out. I was luckily fine…

Yow! Kerosene really? I guess we should all be careful at what we are trying to mount so we don’t get hit in the face with caustic fluids.

that’s a temperature limit switch. usually installed at a sprinkler riser and set to 40 degrees. when it gets too cold (danger of the sprinkler system freezing), contact closure occurs and it trips a supervisory zone. Newer units aren’t adjustable and are fixed at 40 degrees.

You sure that was kerosene? I’ve never heard of a flammable fuel being put inside a thermostat before. Now I’ve heard of mercury but not kerosene.

Was the liquid a small silver blob or a sort of clear liquid substance?

Old thermostats use mercury in their contact mechanisms because it is a superior conductor of electricity. Because of the highly poisonous properties of Mercury, its use has been discontinued and changed to copper contacts.

Clear liquid, and my dad said it smelled like kerosene, and talking about mercury, what can happen if your skin comes in contact w/ mercury? I heard you can go mad, and no I didn’t come in contact w/ it.

Which is the real story?

He got hit with kerosene, not mercury.

i think there all fake :wink:

I believe that with the second post stating that the liquid was assumed to be kerosene, that was not explained in the first post, it was instead brought up in a second post.

That wasn’t what I meant, he first said kerosene spilled in his face then contradicted it by saying the kerosene never made contact with him.

I think “it” referred to mercury.

  1. it came in contact with me, but I took it off quickly.
  2. Sam, they are all real except the whole mercury question thing, I was just wondering.
  3. Prog, Nothing referred to mercury. There was only some in a tough plexiglass container in it that my dad took to some company to dispose it i believe.

LOL, Sam that’s pretty rude :wink: I’m not lying in any of these, whats the point of that?
And NewAge, The kerosene came in contact with me! I never said it didn’t. And If I did then it was a mistake.

Okay, let’s break this down. It’s a matter of vague pronoun references and a lack of elaboration.

“It” in this case refers to mercury. NewAgeServer thought that 2905 was referring to the liquid in the thermostat, and had he been correct, those two statements would have contradicted each other.

I think we should all just be glad that you didn’t get blinded or anything else from the liquid.