Honeywell Brand 4050's

In a college in New Jersey that I go to for Summer Camp had this old system. I was in luck this year because they were having a Fire Drill. They have different fire alarms for each building. The one I was in at the time was the BS(Business) Building.


Note the fire alarm and pull station in the video are these below.

The pull station has a Stopper II and is also Honeywell.

I love that sound in the stairway! It demands attention. Man if there was a 4030 there that would be awesome! Anyways xD I do remember seeing a video like yours in a building that had Honeywell 4050’s but I’m not quite sure. Can someone verify this?

I have pictures of another one on that level:

The panel must have used a coding wheel to pulse the NACs because the pulses seem a bit inconsistent. Did anyone else notice this?

BTW the 4050’s are technically Honeywell SC808A’s

Pretty sure that Farady makes most of these horns… including the 4050.

Well I bumped my own post to note the rest of the building’s systems aside from the panel(Still have no idea on that)

Fact: MCCC(Mercer County Community College) was started in 1966

-the LA (Liberal Arts) buildings also use SC808A’s and S464’s

-the ET (Engineering & Technology Building as well as cooking) uses Honeywell SC807A1029 's (rebranded 7002t’s)

-the SC (Student Center) Building has upgraded to an EST EVAC system with EGC-SVM’s, EGC-S’s and I think SIGA-278’s

-the CM (Communications) Building has also up grade but with System Sensor EVAC System with SPSR’s, SPR’s and SR’s

That’s as far as I know because I either forget or haven’t seen the rest of the college.

I know this an old topic but I go to this school and they have recently made big upgrades.

The SC building still has the EST 3 voice evac system. I think it was placed in the late 2000s or early 2010s? It has the GE logo with EST under it.

The MS building uses an EST 3 voice evac system, same as the SC, and was probably done at the same time.

The Liberal Arts building has been upgraded to a Honeywell XLS-3030 late last summer or early fall with spsc2w mounted on the ceiling and non flush mount sc808a’s have been removed.

The BS (Business) building had the same upgrade as above done last summer.

The CM building at the time this topic was created had an expansion to the building which had the spectralert advance speaker strobes. The other half of the building was untouched. Only during the last couple of months they had added the same Honeywell xls-3030 system, using the spscw speaker strobes with spsw in areas with lower than 8’ ceilings.

The Theatre, PE building, and the AD building remain untouched but that’s going to change in the coming months.

Question, what panel could the older systems be using? The sc808a’s are from the 1960s but the s464a pulls I believe were manufactured in the 80s? The coding is 20bpm march time but with a much shorter pause. Like 1.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off? The only panel I can find is a Deltanet fs90 in the AD building with a bunch of metal cabinets above with one monitor module. However one section of the building was remodeled years ago and has spectralert classic horn/strobes. The pulls are the s464g1007 in the remodeled area. The rest are s464a pulls.

It sucks that they took out the old horns but not totally unexpected that they do it to old buildings. At least you got to hear the old system once which is more than I can say about me and my college.

Do you go to Mercer? I asked the fire alarm technician doing the upgrades if I can get any spare parts and they’ll contact me if they’re throwing anything out.

No I didn’t go there. I was just commenting about how buildings always seem to be renovated. My first year of college there were 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates with no fire lettering and the next semester they were all dumped and replaced with SpectrAlert Advanced Speaker/Strobes.

Update: Now that I go to Mercer I’ve seen what’s been up with the systems here. And a bit of the system has been through a major upgrade.

-BS Building (Business Science and the one in the video), LA (Liberal Arts) and the other half of CM Building (Communications) has been upgraded with a Honeywell/System Sensor Speaker System

-MS (Science and Health) Building and SC Building were upgraded prior with an EST3 Speaker System

-AD Building (Administrations) has an odd circumstance where half the System was upgraded in the 2000s and the rest maintains the original Honeywell System. The first floor has Spectralert Classics and Honeywell Brand BG-12’s with older parts of the System still in place but disconnected. On the second floor, the old system in still untouched in terms of the wave of upgrades throughout the campus.

-The only remaining untouched buildings in terms of earlier Honeywell installs done on the campus is ET (Engineering Technology) Building (with a strange addition of Spectralert Advance Ceiling alarms in some classes), PE Building with slightly later systems of ES (Engineering Systems) Building that uses SC807’s and FA (Fine Arts) Building which uses rebranded EHS-DL1’s.

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Are there remains on the walls where the SC-808As were or is it like they never were there?

Some of the flush mount horns are still in place while the rest are covered up. Not even without removing the mounting plates. The former Annunciator panels are also in place just without their inner workings.

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Then I would imagine soon that they would be taken down and plated up.

What panel was that system controlled by? I have heard that coding once before, it was at an apartment building with mini horns. The panel was an Edwards ESA 2000.

Honeywell W247G fire alarm panel. Photo courtesy of TFP’s agrotred40

Do you know if anyone selling an old working W247 Honeywell control panel?