Honeywell FS90 FACP's w/EBI front end

Hello folks,

At our facility we have a large Honeywell FA system containing 18 nodes (18 - FS90 FACP’s) w/approx 4500 initiating devices. This system is approx 30-40 years old. and has been through several expansions over the years (none in past 10 years. only T.I.'s, remodels, etc. which would just increase the data on the existing SLC due to still available address’s).

The 'Head End" is an approx 8-10 year old Honeywell EBI (Enterprise Buildings Integrator) that we are using for the FA system only. There also is two (2) Honeywell XLS3000 panels used to integrate the “in house” PA system.

IE: whenever there is an ALARM condition on the Honeywell system, a pre-recorded voice announcement comes over the PA system and announce’s where the ALARM condition is at.

The server operating system interfacing with the EBI is self contained (not part of our I.T. network) Windows XP version.

I believe the original Head End installation was something called “Delta”?

Anyway, just wondering if there are any people on this forum who are also familiar with this particular FA system? I sometimes have questions (have some questions now) and most likely I can help out others with this type of system, etc. as I have been playing with it for over 5 years now.

I may be able to help you. I’m familiar with ebi, XLS3000 and have some exposure to FS90 panels.