Honeywell Lynx En

Got a couple questions before I buy… So…

  1. Can I attach a pull station to it?

  2. Can I connect it to the computer? What cable?

  3. Is there any hardware options?

  4. what accessories go with this panel?


1. Theoretically you could - there is one hardwired zone.

2. You can connect to it through the Compass software using a Hayes modem. It’s a total pain.

3 & 4. It’s compatible with Ademco/Honeywell wireless devices: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ckage.aspx”></LINK_TEXT>#

Is this a hobby purchase, or are you planning on using this system to protect your home?

Hobby purchase, I have a area in my basement I want to “protect” and mess around with this thing. And thanks! (Don’t worry about the price I am getting it cheap from a family friend.

Argh! Didn’t get it, so I will have to resort to eBay I guess :frowning:

I work with Lynx Touch systems regularly in my job – I work for a fire alarm company with a small home security division that sells Lynx Touch 5100 systems.

If you find a system, ask me questions and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.