Honeywell S464G1007 (BG-12LX) Key?

I have a couple of Honeywell S464G1007’s, which are essentially BG-12LX’s rebranded by Honeywell. However, I have no clue what key is supposed to open them. I have tried Fire-Lite, Notifier, Silent Knight, and FCI keys, and none of them open it, let alone even fit into the lock. If somebody knows what key I need to use to open this pull, please let me know.

Note that I received one of the pulls unlocked, which is how I was able to get the inside view.

I believe they would use the same key as the DeltaNet FS90 panel. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any of those keys turn up on eBay.

Hi, “Honeywell S464G1007’s, which are essentially BG-12LX”. So can we use BG-12LX to replace S464G1007’s ?