Honeywell system and an (EST?) system in a Mall

Ok this mall in San Francisco is interesting.
One part of it has a honeywell system (Could be active, i dont see any other alarms in that part of the building, unsure if panel based or two wire)

Honeywell “Local Alarm” pull station

Honeywell Branded 4037?

and the other part has fairly modern equipment (EST Genesis, Smoke Detectors, etc.)

The Genesis here could be a possible retrofit

This other Genesis has an ADT (smoke detector?) near it. Ive seen things like those quite often in Malls

Incredibly unlikely that the honeywell system in the other part of the mall is somehow interconnected to the part with newer alarms.

The parking garage has 2 Gentex detectors and a direct view LED exit sign.

Gentex Detectors

Direct view Exit Sign

That thing next to the Genesis looks like a motion detector to me.

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Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say too, pretty sure that’s what it is.

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