honeywell tbars

well, i was at a restaurant today and they had honeywell sigcom tbars. did anyone know these existed? furthermore, they were banded by honeywell, not one of its subsidaries. also, they had all the keys in the slots of the pulls.

also, are the half moon tbars still in production, and have any of you seen or heard of them?

Honeywell rebrands quite a bit of stuff. I recently got an Edwards 278B-1110 pull station rebranded by Honeywell.

“Half moon T-bars”… do you mean the Gamewell Centuries?

Though these are not T-bars…

He’s talking about these:\Conventional\HFS-0078.pdf

Yes, they are still in production. They are made by Harrington Signal and are rebranded by a variety of companies, including Honeywell.

I saw one of those in a building in Harvard Square once. It looked pretty old and the handle was crooked. The alarm was a Wheelock 7002t.