Honeywell Vista 15p Power

Hello, I recently got a security panel. I am wondering if I can use a 24VAC power supply instead of 16.5VAC. Would this be too much over or would it be okay? Thanks!

I don’t think this would be OK, considering that’s a huge jump. I think you could use 18VAC. Just make sure the current is not off by more than a few milliamps. Also, make sure your transformer is grounded! If it is, you should connect the ground on the transformer to the ground on the panel itself (which is on the right side of the board). Actually, 16.5VAC is common for hobby items as well. I have transformers for that voltage for my HO scale bachmann trains. BUT STILL MAKE SURE IT’S GROUNDED!This is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

The Honeywell Vista 15p only has two terminals for the AC power. 16.5 VAC is the correct voltage and I already got a 16.5 VAC transformer.

The “GROUND” terminal is #25, and may be found on the “SUMMARY OF CONNECTIONS” page.