Honeywell VISTA firmwares?

Hi. I ran to a couple VISTA WA320P1 boards when switching them out with regular VISTA WA20P for converting over from Protection 1 to our monitoring. The client requested new boards. Does anyone know if they are pretty much the same or if there is something different that I shouldn’t bother my time with and not keep them for spare parts. Thanks.

I’ve not dealt with the Pro 1 branding but I’m gonna guess it’s a lot like the Monitronics that was in my house when I bought it. I could get into programming and change everything EXCEPT the account number and phone number field.

Junked ot and bight a new 20P. Stuffs cheap…

ok, thanks, ill have to take a look at that.

One other thing I was just looking at is that for either the 24-hr silent or 24-hr audible zone types 06, and 07. it goes it to alarm with either a short or an open with the EOL present. Is their any way to change this so their would still be supervision and a short would cause an alarm while an open would cause a trouble because the EOL is missing, like with DMP for example which is a panel I am more familiar with. Also could the same application be done for a NO motion detector and zone type 03 or 04. Thanks.