horn/strobes in restrooms.

A supermarket in my area has that has those rectangular Simplex horn/strobes on the wall, and they have one in the restroom. I was going in there to use the restroom and it went off for a few seconds. Ouch. I had to use the restroom somewhere else.

My elementary school had Genesis horn/strobes in the restrooms. I’m pretty sure they did because they even had them in each classroom. They could’ve been remote strobes though; I don’t live there anymore and I wasn’t into alarms at the time.

It is actually a lot more common than any of us would think even if we don’t see them in systems it can occur more often than not.


  • NewAgeServerAlarm’s elementary and middle school had Simplex 4903-9219s in their bathrooms

    Two colleges that wile_e2007 knows of have horns in the bathrooms with one having Simplex 4903-9219 horns and the other having Space Age Electronics 2DCD horns on AV32 light plates (which got replaced with TrueAlert HORN/strobes)

    A small banquet hall near me has a SpectrAlert Classic in its tiny one-person bathroom

    An Olive Garden near me has a Simplex 2901-9840 horn on a 4903-9501 in their bathrooms

    When my high school did a partial upgrade, they put TrueAlert horn/strobes in the hallway bathrooms (not in the bathrooms in the shop classrooms thank GOD as they got remote strobes)

    Cinema World in Lincoln has Genesis Speaker/Strobes but Genesis HORN/Strobes in the bathroom

    A K-Mart near me has Gentex Commander 4 in the restrooms

    Similarly a Macy’s near me has an SpectrAlert Advanced horn/strobe in their bathroom

    I forget the name but a sports store (I think Dick’s Sporting Goods?) has Gentex SHGs in the restroom

    A Lowe’s a little out of the way for me has a Wheelock AS in its bathroom

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    And in elementary school when I knew nothing about fire alarms, ALL of the restrooms (except the ones in the cafe-gymnasium) has Simplex 4904-9138 remote strobes which I thought were horns. I was so terrified to go to the bathroom and it wasn’t until MUCH later I figured out what they are.

    I’ve seen it in a few cases. Never seems justified because yes, you can have too many decibels. In one case, I was doing work in a nursing home, and I noticed that not only did all the rooms seem to have SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes, but also all the private bathrooms! It turned out when I tested the audibles, though, that they were not horn/strobes but chime/strobes.

    Speaking of chimes, in at least two buildings on the University of Arizona campus, I have seen chime/strobes as an alternative to remote strobes or horn/strobes in multi-stall restrooms. These were mechanical Simplex chimes on pre-TrueAlert ADA strobe plates. Haven’t seen this anywhere else, but it seems like a reasonable idea.

    Places with speaker/strobes tend to have speaker/strobes in the multiple person restrooms. Likely so the voice can be clearly heard inside the restroom.

    My elementary school was built in 2010 (where I used to live; where I live now the buildings are about 60-80 years old, respectively), and they had an EST 3 system complete with Genesis horn strobes in every 20 x 20 classroom and in the restrooms. Plus they’d be spaced in the hallways so that there’d be a ton out there.

    -An elementary school I went to in Ohio had Commander 2 horn/strobes in the restrooms.
    -My high school had Genesis horn/strobes in three of the sets of locker rooms, with Integrities in the other.
    -I have seen a few Cumberland Farms locations with SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes in the restrooms. Most have remote strobes.
    -I have seen a few Hannaford locations with Commander 4 horn/strobes in the restrooms
    -The apartment complex I lived in at SUNY Buffalo my last 2 years had a mix of horns in the restrooms of 2BR units. Only horn in those units.
    -Football stadium at SUNY Buffalo has horn/strobes, mostly 2901-9838s, in the restrooms
    -My current apartment building has TrueAlert horn/strobes in the public restrooms, thankfully not in the unit restrooms
    -I have seen a few other retail locations with horn/strobes in the restrooms. Can’t place any of them.

    As far as speaker/strobes, most EVAC systems have them in multi-occupant restrooms, as mentioned previously

    As for horn/strobes being in the locker room, I think that would be par the course since its a BIGGER space. Its not only just used as a restroom but people have to go in there to change up also and to store their casual clothes. The space depending on how many lockers it has or how big it is would have a horn in it also but not always. My high school had one 4904-9101+2901-9838 horn in each of the locker rooms but my junior high school had nothing in there (which is probably a good thing because in both gyms, the one 4050-80+4051 alarms they each have are incredibly loud).

    I’ve seen an Edwards 6" Adaptabel in a small washroom before.

    A bell? Now that’s even worse.

    I went to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant one time with a SpectrAlert advance wall mount P2R by the door and a PC2R on the ceiling about 15 feet down… lol I had to go back in there to double check that there were both horn strobes

    Today I went to get my haircut at my cousin’s salon and had to use the bathroom. It was a small one-person bathroom but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that they had put a Wheelock Exceeder in there. Before the upgrade, the bathroom didn’t have an alarm in it and the salon had a Federal Signal 450D horn with an I-Strobe mounted sideways.

    That’s strange that they did that. I’ve never seen a hair salon with a fire alarm system. The only hair salons I’ve seen with fire alarms are those in-store salons.

    While it is its own separate space, its part of a group of other buildings also. I think that it would be called a plaza but I have no clue. It has a second floor also but you can’t get up there from my cousin’s salon. There are a couple of businesses up there but I’ve never been on the second floor before. At one point there was a bakery next to the salon.