horn/strobes in small rooms the size of walk-in closets.

Have you seen them? I have in some places. A department store has a SpectrAlert Advanced in a one person bathroom the size of a walk-in closet. I’ve also heard of dressing rooms that have horn/strobes in them. Wouldn’t want to be in such a room if they were to go off.

There was a Gentex Commander 1 Horn/Strobe in the church’s youth area’s small kitchen at my church when they renovated 3 or so years back. It was about the size of a small restroom or closet. Now they renovated that area yet again, and the kitchen is much larger now (to accomodate more appliances), so the horn/strobe probably fits in better there now. When they renovated the gym side of the building into a new youth area they didn’t put in new Commander’s like I expected, they just rewired the system and used the existing horn/strobes. The way they did it doesn’t make sense if you ask me, but that’s another topic in and of itself.

I remember at UVA, their bookstore there used to have Pyrotronics rebranded 7002T’s, even in the small bathroom there. They have since upgraded to the rebranded ZNS’s and the strobe varient. I’m assuming they are smart enough not to put a ZNS in a small bathroom, but then again, I’m not the one who decides that and I never got a chance to see it. I hardly ever have enough time to go visit down there anymore. :cry:

At my Penn State branch campus they didn’t hesitate putting horn/strobes in even the smallest bathrooms in the main building there when they decided to upgrade to the Cerberus Pyrotronics system, however long ago they did that. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the bathrooms there, let’s just say that. They have no remote strobes in the building at all. Now in two other buildings on campus, they had speaker/strobes in the bathroom, which I can handle a lot better than a horn/strobe. One was a Simplex 4100U system, and the other Notifier NFS2 system.

In my OLD school built in the 80’s or so. They had a Faraday bell in one of the rooms. I was in the 3rd grade when it went off, too loud to handle.

i went to hudson elementary and there was a little area with the bathrooms were and the place was about 8 by 8. and it had a 4051.

A bakery near my cousin’s salon had a SpectrAlert Classic in the 3 person restrooms.

It’s not that bad, it could be an Advanced.

Well, I guess I that case they had to do such, since there is no remote strobe version of the Wheelock 7002T.

Nah, I remember even though there was 7002T’s everywhere there was a remote strobe by the checkout area. That was probably was added at a later time though, so I do see your point.

Still. Three stalls. I’m sure the men’s room was bigger because of urinals but why would you put a horn in a small place like that?

Actually, I think both the mens’ and womens’ restroom is the same size. They just usually put urinals on a blank wall. I have no idea why a horn was in there. Sometimes horns are placed where horns aren’t needed.

Tell me about it. In my high school, the electronics classroom, despite the fact that the room is the same size as thew other rooms around it, had a 9838 in there.

Some of the buildings at my school don’t even have strobes in the classrooms. :slight_smile:

My friend’s school has storage rooms (really nice storage rooms with AC and an intercom) that have Advance horn/strobes in them. We are guessing that those storage rooms will eventually be offices.

At my school, only the administrators offices do not have any device in them. All other offices and all classrooms have strobes in them. The restrooms have strobes in them but there is a horn/strobe on the wall on the outside of the bathrooms.

A bathroom at my school has an advanced h/s in the restroom

Her school does too. Actually, every single room except for the principal and assistant principal’s offices have Advance Horn/Strobes in them. Like I said, the storage rooms have them. I actually think that the custodial cleaning supply rooms have horn/strobes in them. I know that there is a device in them.

So ever single room in the building which is every single classroom also have Advances? Sheesh, that is just completely overkill to me.

It does seem like over kill. I would hope that their signals are synchronized like ours are (even though we don’t have Advances). Not sure. If so, that would be a little better.