horn/strobes without the fire label used as fire alarms.

Have you seen them? There’s a store the local mall the has two horn/strobes without the fire label. I thought when I saw the one outside by the entrance to the store that it wasn’t a fire alarm because it didn’t have the fire label, however when I went into the store I saw a pull station.

I’ve seen some at a local high-rise building, although the signals are speakers instead of horns. The system is a newer MXL with unmarked Siemens speaker/strobes.

I could understand why they might not label speakers, because there is a message being played, and the blind can not hear it anyway, but as far as speaker/strobes, the deaf will not be able to hear the message, and there should be a label on them. In the college classroom that my mom used to work in, there was a white, unmarked Siemens horn/strobe. It looked like the U-MMT.

lol, I meant see it. I would hope the blind would be able to hear it.

Yep they’re white unmarked Siemens horn/strobes. For a long time, the one I saw outside by the entrance I didn’t think was a fire alarm, because it was unmarked. I found out when I finally walked into the store and saw a pull station.

That isn’t Siemens… That is a speaker with an Amseco retrofit strobe.

I think Fallin86 was talking about the ones at his mall, not the ones in the picture.

Should have quoted the post, I was referring to El Chipacabra’s photo.

I thought Amseco could’ve manufactured that signal but wasn’t sure about it; I assumed it was made by Siemens since the ULC/“Do Not Paint” sticker on the speaker has that name stamped on it. Thanks for the clarification!

Could be the odd case that it’s a Siemens speaker but they used an Amseco strobe instead of a Siemens Speaker/Strobe.

Does Siemens make speakers that look like normal PA speakers?