Horns on Alternate Tones

So as people may know, the alarm system at my school consists of a Notifier NFS2-3030 panel along with many transponder units around the school. Pull stations are a mix of BGX-101L and NBG-12LX pull stations. The A/V units in the 1959-1980 parts of the building are System Sensor MA12/24 horns with Gentex GXS 110 candela strobe mounted directly below. Majority of these devices are surface mounted with some being flush mounted. The 1999 area has p241575 horn strobes and s241575 strobes. Everywhere else has P2R horn strobes, SR strobes, or PC2W horn strobes. These units are also located in some of the old areas.

Today we had a fire drill and they had added P2R horn strobes to every other classroom in this hallway to help with sound output and a few more advances had been placed in this area. Iā€™m wondering if the schools decision to continue using the Hi-Lo tone is still appropriate as most of the other schools in the district have switched to 800hz. Let me know!

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