hot water heater

It’s just a water heater. You would never heat water that’s already hot. So why do people say hot water heater?

Are you serious?

And actually yes you do heat water that is already hot… Think about it

Do you sneak online when people are not looking or something because your outrageous posts always come at once.

I’ve never called it a “hot water heater” for the exact same reason I don’t call it a clean clothes washing machine.

Exactly. And you never refer to an “open can opener” or a “made ice maker”.

Hot water heater is VERY common even plumbers use the terminology. A hot water heater does two things it heats the water initially and then it continues to maintain the temp therefore heating the hot water which then becomes a HOT WATER HEATER.

I know. I’ve even seen “hot water heaters” written on plumbing trucks. I guess it does make a little bit of sense.