How can I get a number keypad to control my fire alarm board?

I want a number keypad that is used for access control in most cases that I can type in lets say 1234 and my fire alarm will go off. And 2467 will silence the alarm with my light switch control panel. Any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks

It’s not that simple: keypads need to be hooked to a control panel of some kind (in this case an access control panel) to function, & I’m not sure an access control panel would be able to do what you want (including being compatible with a “light switch control panel”).

Okay. That is what I thought. Thanks though!

Sure thing. You might have more luck with a security panel or fire alarm panel as they’re more meant for what you want, provided you can find them for an affordable price.

What would be an example of that which works with what I want? Thanks

Considering you seem to still be “starting out” in a sense a basic conventional panel such as the Silent Knight SK-5208 or the Fire-Lite MS-10UD-7 might work well for your purposes (good luck finding either of these for a reasonable price though).

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An access control or security keypad will do what you want. Check out IEI 212i. You will need one that has two outputs and that the outputs are programmable for either latching, momentary or timed.

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