How can I wire up my Fire-Lite MS9200UDLS

I acquired a fire lite ms9200udls about a year ago with a NAC extender. I have yet to figure out how to wire it up. I got the NACs wired, but where’s the pulls and smokes. I’ve looked through manuals on the internet and I still don’t understand it.

The MS9200UDLS is an addressable panel. If you aren’t sure what that is, I recommend reading through <URL url="So you want to buy a FACP...]this post[/url], specifically the section about addressable systems.

In short, all pull stations and smoke detectors must either be compatible Fire-Lite addressable devices, or standard conventional devices wired to Fire-Lite addressable monitor modules. All addressable devices are wired to the B+ and B- terminals on the SLC.

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