How did your local EAS test go?

How did YOUR local EAS test go today? Did you consider it a pass or a fail?

Post any videos you have of your local radio and/or TV stations doing the test!


pass for sure my brother nearly crapped himself lol


Only caught the WEA portion of it on my phone. Didn’t get anything on my radios or TV due to school. My weather radios never went for it either.

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A pass even though it started two minutes early for some reason.

It went well. surprisingly, my cingular flip IV sounded too.

Cingular!? How do you still have a working Cingular Wireless device when they haven’t been known by that name since 2006?

See here.

WEA and radio went fine. Unsure if the TV glitch was from the already glitchy EAS details channel or not.

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I was at school, so almost every student and staff members cellular device recieved the WEA alert, I was again at school so the EAS portion for my area is unknown to me.

A few devices were delayed, and the loud echoing throughout the entire school was interesting.


The WEA part was scheduled for 2:18 EDT and the EAS part was scheduled for 2:20 EDT. So it wasn’t exactly early. This info came from an EAS enthusiast around a month ago.

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For me at least the test occurred when it was still 2:18 PM EST.

For me, It was 11:18 AM MST, 2 minutes in the world is a very small thing, so it doesn’t really matter, I suppose it all depends on when the towers made the broadcast.

It wasn’t that bad. Mostly hype

Yea, the general public didn’t real understand how and what it would be. Some of the students in my school thought the fire alarms would go off and an message would blare over the phones and PA’s.

After the test a majority of people seemed disappointing.

People overhyped it for sure.

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I got the EAS capture from 2 perspectives, I got the WEA National Alert on my phone 3 minutes before the actual EAS activation. However the screen recorder filters out some audio from it but you can hear the vibrations in it.

And I did a live stream at the same time capturing both KING-5 TV and KIRO AM Sports (710kz) which is a Primary Entry Point Station (the only one in Washington which is in Seattle) but KING-5 was activated first before the Primary Entry Point Station even though KING station is not a PEP. This was broadcasted 3 minutes after the WEA activation at 11:21 AM

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I got a good audio recording of the test.
But I can’t find how to upload a audio file or video