How do i wire a EST Siga 278 to a horn strobe

I have a small setup which is a simple pull station, horn strobe, strobe setup in my room and in the bathroom next to it and i want to wire a est siga 278
If anyone could get me a wiring chart or just tell me how it would be very appreciated

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Also theres no panel
I have the pull station on a power source plugged into a outlet and then the pull station is wired to a horn strobe and theres a pair of wires going out of the horn strobe and into a strobe

So long as it is a conventional pull station, you just wire it like a lightswitch. take one wire from the power supply, and run it through the pull station. then, take that switched wire and connected it to the horn, making sure you follow the polarity, and run the other wire back to the power supply.