How do schools with outdoor hallways work?

In a video I found on YouTube, Random Fire Alarm System (who is firealarm251 here) said that his school is an outdoor school meaning there are no interior hallways set up and that all the classrooms lead to the outside of the building. What I wanna know is how would that work? How would there be a second floor or a gymnasium or a main office?

One of the high schools in my town is sort of like that, as in, it has an open campus. There are a lot of smaller buildings with sidewalks instead of hallways. There’s no need for a second floor because the classrooms that would be on the second floor would be their own buildings. A gymnasium would be its own (large) building, and the main office would probably be in the same building as the auditorium or cafeteria.

I’ll bet the wiring for the fire alarm system must be a mess, haha :lol:

Sounds good, but how would the main office be set up? Would there be a big building in front of the classroom buildings and you would have to go through the main office to get to the classroom buildings?

There would be an inside area for offices, a gym (which could have a second floor), etc.

Any actual classroom simply has a door to a sidewalk, like an outdoor mall type of set up. All of the classrooms are still connected so there is a common path for HVAC, electrical, fire alarm, etc. It isn’t 100 stand alone 1 room buildings. They simply have doors open to the outside instead of into a shared corridor. Think of a motel type of layout.

It’s not uncommon in areas where it’s warm most of the year with little rainfall.

Like here in San Antonio! :mrgreen:

Well, another reason why the school I described is open campus is because it’s the only agricultural school in the district.

And IIRC, it has an EST-3 system with 757 Integrities, SIGA-278 pulls, and SIGA-PS detectors. Thankfully my high school was built when it was, or I would have to deal with Integrities for four more years. groan

So would the main office be in the front of the buildings and you would have to go through the main office to get to the class buildings in the back?

My school is like that. These types of schools are pretty common where I live in Florida. In fact, regular schools with the interior hallways, y’know, what people think when they hear “school” is actually quite rare here.