How Do You Find Manufacturing Dates On Old FireX Models?

So, my Grandma’s house has 4 old FireX ADs and I don’t know how to find the manufacturing date. The house was built some time in 1995. The alarms are for sure over ten years old.

First thing I would do is look on the back of the alarm, If you can’t find a date you may need to look for a 5 digit number. For example 10364, The first two digits(10) are the year (2010), and the last three digits are the day (364th day of 2010)
Hope this helps!

Example If you can find the date (That would include taking it off the wall to see)

What are the numbers

I don’t remember, but I will look soon

okay, thanks for letting me know!

Ok, check and reply back with the numbers

The numbers are 95010. I think that would be Tuesday, January 10, 1995.

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That smoke alarm is 27 years old !!!

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