How does my new setup look?


That looks very nice! God job on the conduit work!

Nice clean installation. Great job!

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I’ll be making more videos tomorrow. I’ve got some new stuff coming this week

Very great set-up that you have! You plan on expanding?

Nah I don’t really plan on expanding much. I don’t do much with fire alarm systems anymore. although I have been looking into running some wire into the ceiling and installing a couple I3’s and PA400R’s around the house

So you have lost interest in fire alarms?

I don’t think he has, but I think he has other things on his mind.

Very nice! Great work on the setup. :smiley:

Yeah I’ve been busy with DJing, and keeping the girlfriend happy haha :slight_smile: But every now and then I check the system to ensure its functioning properly. It’s basically set up as a true “Life safety” system right now. So I don’t set it off much. About once a week I do a quick test.

I’m actually thinking about selling the SK5208 in favor of a smaller, cheaper conventional panel since it just sits on my wall all day saying “System Normal” Plus there’s just so much the panel has to offer that I just cant take advantage of. I did just order a new SK panel. should be here later this week.

Well then good luck in whatever future endeavors you have.