How does Smart Sync Work?

So I am trying to recreate smart sync on a homemade panel. I know a basic idea of how it works being the panel or module sends a 4-bit binary code to the alarm which makes it do march, steady, or temporal. The problem I am having is I cannot find what the 4-bit binary codes are. I also read somewhere that the 4-bit code needs to be given every 8 rounds of the sync protocol. If anybody can help me with this or knows where to find the 4-bit codes please let me know!

Here’s a similar topic talking about how SmartSync works, hope this helps: The mechanics of SmartSync - Fire Alarms / Fire Alarm General Discussion - The Fire Panel Forums

Ive already looked at that and it is how I have a lot of my info. Andrew says that to find the 4 bit codes to look for patents which I spent like an hour looking for and cant find. Also I tried using the pulses adrew said worked and it doesn’t make the horn sound.

If you haven’t succeeded in accomplishing any of that then I don’t know what you’d do.

Yeah Ik. Its strange. I bet if I bought a module Id figure it out it like 5 mins but modules are like 60 dollars which is a lot for me

I have a module, all I hear when it’s powered though is just a pair of click sounds about every second. I guess all I can say is maybe ask someone else for help or save up the money to buy a module & use that.

I recommend buying a Simplex Smart Sync module. It’ll save you more money than making a homemade module will. Besides, it’s officially supported and won’t cause you any more problems after you get one.

here’s a module on eBay for a good price: