How often do you monitor the weather?

Weather isn’t one of my main interests, but it certainly is nice to know what the weather will be like (especially if storms are coming.)

So what do y’all do? Usually, what I care about is the high for the day and if there will be rain. So I have a widget on my phone that I just look at at-a-glance in the morning.

Once I get my own place, I think I’m going to set up a weather radio, maybe even with a strobe.

(Not sure if I like the cheapy Midland ones though, might just figure out how to wire the accessory output to a relay to trip a real ALERT strobe)

I check the weather daily. I have the NWS set as my home page and I have the applets installed on my phone as well.

One of the most valuable resources for learning about future storms is reading your local NWS forecast office’s Area Forecast Discussion (AFD). They discuss what weather should be coming over the next week, as well as explaining what factors can change the forecast. It’s definitely a more in-depth look at the weather compared to what you get on TV and other sources.

I set the NWS as my homepage too. Otherwise, I use IEMBot to check whether warnings or advisories are issued.

I often see many of their products such as the AFD, but I also use Hazardous Weather Outlooks (HWOs) to check about the coming weeks since it’s pretty much a summary of the bad weather expected over the week. I also check the SPC and their graphics to see more information about severe weather happening in the area.

I am a huge weather junky so the weather tab isalways there on my computer

I look at if conditions are getting bad.