How to change to coding option on a simplex 4006

Hello I got my 4006 up and running but I cannot figure out to how to change the coding on the horns as it is on continuous and I’m trying to change it to a different code


I believe you’ll need the Level 4 access code to access programming, which includes the coding option.

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Ok I have accessed level 4 but cannot find the coding options

I’m not sure then, I’m not familiar with programming Simplex panels, sorry. Maybe try going through the various menus & level access codes.

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Per the manual, here are the steps to change signal coding:

  1. Log into level 4
  2. Press MENU, then use NEXT and PREVIOUS to scroll to the “PROGRAMMING” option. Press ENTER.
  3. Your screen should say:


  1. Press ENTER again, so that the screen says:


This means that you are now selecting what you want to program.
5. Use NEXT and PREVIOUS to find the option “Prg:[NAC]”.
6. Your screen should say:


  1. Use PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to scroll to whatever NAC you want to change the coding of.
  2. Hit ENTER again. Your screen should say:


Without getting too deep in the woods, this basically means that the NAC is configured for horns only, and at STEADY.
For the sake of this example, let’s say you have a non SmartSync device that you want to put on Temporal. You would use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to scroll through the options until you see “SSIG TEMPRL”.
9. Press ENTER.

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