How to configure this Simplex device

How do you sync this Simplex TrueAlarm smoke/heat detector to a Simplex 4010 FACP? I can not get it to sync automatically when using quick config and when I do it manually, it says wrong type and does not accept it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I think the 4010 uses quickconnect which the truealarms aren’t compatible with. It won’t automatically connect, and when connected you will get a trouble.

Did you look at the programming manual? There is a section about TrueAlarm devices.
This combo device did not seem to exist during the time of the 4010, this is from the latest programmer i could download. Rev 4.02.01

There is no combo devices in this list unfortunately.

Also this is the new features of each system revision.

2.01  Added 4009A functionality
 Added Short Search functionality
2.03  Delay reporting battery TBL for 2 seconds
2.03.02  Temporal code changed to insure all NACS begin together
2.05.05  Changed IDNet to inhibit inadvertent reporting excessive dirty from devices
 Fixed SFIO chip rebooting itself with cards going missing failed (ferrite
beads also needed on IDNet field wiring)
3.01  Added the suppression release device to the software.
 Changed 60 beats per minute to 20 beats per minute for SFIO NACs and
IDNet channel coding.
 Changed commands to the 4009a so that the 4009a could support 20
beats per minute coding.
3.02  Output Abnormal trouble does not report after Suppression Release
Peripheral has turned ON (found in 3.01)
3.02.01  Software filtering added to eliminate false reporting of Channel Failure
4.01  UL864 9th Edition ECO
 Suppression Release Peripheral now reports a supervisory condition when
disabled or disconnected
 AC Failure report on city circuit will be delayed (default is 2 hours).
4.02**  Add support for Wheelock 2-wire Horn/Strobe appliances to the 4010.
 Make SmartSync temporal start with 3 beats and make all synchronous
strobes flash at full intensity on first flash.
 Corrected Synchronization issues between 4010 SFIO and 4009A
4.02.01  Increased frequency of SmartSync horn data transmissions to improve
horn sync performance
 Corrected Coded horn beat stretched every 8 seconds with TrueAlert Non-
Addressable Appliances
4.02.02  Corrected NAC not playing 20 BPM
4.02.03  Corrected defect: CC Opcode XPHOTO SMOKE LEVEL triggers at one
level threshold higher than it should
4.02.04  Changed to poll the 4009A devices following the IDNet protocol so that it
can work with the latest improved revision of 4009A.

That’s a bummer. Thanks for looking into it for me though so I know. Very much appreciated!