How to delete my account and delete all posts?

How to delete my account and delete all posts? I want to have all my posts deleted and account deleted. I didn’t see anything in the settings

Why do you want to leave

I just haven’t used this often and I don’t like how it shows the posts when I search my name on google.

I can anonymize your user, before I continue, I have to ask if you are 100% sure.

Will that delete all the posts?

All it does it removes your name from everything, but if you’d really like your posts deleted as well I can ask.

Ok, I will see if that does what I need. Please anonymize my user. thanks

Thanks for the confirmation, your account information will all be reset and user info will be changed to an anonymous name.

Now that the account has been anonymized. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but wanted to note some things:

  • It will take Google some time to remove the search result.
  • If you decide anonymization isn’t enough, please email me ([email protected]) and I will be able to fully delete it.

For others who may come across this post and want to anonymize OR delete, please contact me or [email protected] and it will get taken care of.

This information can be found in our Privacy Policy as well: Privacy - The Fire Panel Forums