How to make a fire alarm board

I want to make my fire alarm board for my alarms rather than mount them on the wall. What thickeness wood would be best for this? I plan on flush mounting a L-series among other alarms and pull stations. Also, how could I make the board stand up by itself like SER safety without leaning on the wall? thanks!

Plywood is a good choice. You can make feet for it by using a 2x4 on each side. That way, it’ll stand by itself.

Is there a certain thickness that i need if i want to flush mount fire alarms and pull stations? And how would I attach the 2x4 to the bottom? Thanks so much! I am very beginner at wood work.

Also, should I use gang boxes or what should I use if I want to flush mount the alarms and pulls?

As long as you can mount the backbox to where it is flush on front, you’d be good. In that case, I would take two pieces of the same size and put them together in a way that the space in-between is the same as the box’s depth. The 2x4s can just be screwed to the bottom of the board. Also, you can use single gang boxes for pulls and single or double, depending on device type, for notification appliances.

So, plywood thickness isn’t too important.

How would I connect the gang box, because my gang box has two holes on top and bottom (one on each) because that is the screw i use for my pull. Also, I want to do it with one piece of wood, is that possible?

1/2” Plywood might be enough. Though I’d go for 3/4” just to be safe. 3/4” with proper framing can support a short person. A frame made from 2x4” wood boards works just fine. Wood type used is debatable.

If you want surface mount devices, plywood might hold up though I’d run some boards across behind the plywood connected to the frame for extra support.

Flush mount would prolly need special boxes or holes drilled in the side of the back boxes. These would be mounted to the frame.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

What kind of special box do you mean? Are you able to find a image online? Thanks. Also, what type of wood from this website should I use?
I am kind of a beginner. Thanks a lot for your help!