How to make a Fire Panel

I’m in the progress of planning out a homemade panel and I was wondering how to make a code 3 generator, any schematics could help me thanks.

Are you making one with an Arduino? If so, it can be done.

I tried using Arduino by using tinkercad, but the alarm would toggle on and I had no way of turning it off

You would have use a set of individual loops for each task, which what I did. One loop would do the alarm for each zone, and another would do the reset loop. But I would use Arduino IDE software to program the Arduino board.


void loop() {

void fireZones(){


// and so on.

But I would use a Mega2560 for this task if you’re gonna put an LCD and such.

But for coding, you may have to make a menu setup or use another arduino like a Nano to do the coding. But thats up to you.

An Uno would also be fine if you use an LCD because i2C LCDs only require 4 pins rather than the parallel LCDs.