How to make Hochiki DCP-SOM-A work

Hello everyone, I am a very beginner of fire alarm system. I have Hochiki FireNet FN2127 panel, DCP-SOM-A module , loop explorer software for programing. Here is my question:

  1. I learned that SOM used for control one or more horns or strobes, is that correct?

  2. How to make DCP-SOM-A work?
    I connect my DCO-SOM-A to 2 HES3-24WR (Horn&Strobe)
    Using Loop Explorer software, In the Cause&Effect. The Effect have no option of SOM output available, i can only find the output of R2M module.

    I already saw a note below the “uncheck” button. The note said: “To use SOM devices in Effects, you must include the zone output relevant to SOM Device”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any clue.

  3. If the actually no way to program the output of SOM, how to make it work when my sensor detect fire and smoke?

  4. I see the 2 type of loop connection in FN2127 panel, class A and class B. If I using class B in my loop, then do my CZM and SOM definitely have to connect to sensors in class B (not talking about loop wires, but input and output wires).

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