How to Program signal and control bypass on 4100ES

Does anyone have a way to program signal bypass which will include speaker circuits and visual circuits on a Simplex 4100ES panel. I will also need to program control bypass also.

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Simplex 2001, I understand that you wish to help new users, however, if you don’t have any professional experience with fire alarm equipment, it would be best if you were to defer to the career professionals and let them answer the questions. That way, you don’t spread misinformation and confusion. I’d recommend you read this post by Nick, our moderator, to further familiarize yourself with our procedure regarding fire alarm help. Thank you!

Now, to the OP…

Until a tech responds, how were you planning on disabling speaker and strobe circuits? Through a programmable button on the panel, or something else?

I’m not a Simplex tech but I’ve heard the programming is similar to Siemens using Boolean logic.

You’d need to make an AND gate with at least two inputs:

Input 1 - evac signal(s) - typically an ANY gate fed into the AND gate

Input 2 - NOT system bypass (typically a pseudo point or switch NOT pushed)

If the evac input activates AND the button is NOT pushed (or pseudo NOT active) - speakers will activate. If the button IS pushed, the NOT inverts and cancels the second input to the AND function thus enabling the speakers to be bypassed.

Tutorial - Boolean Logic

I was hoping to receive some information about the panel configuration and the installation from the OP, but that has not happened. I feel it is time to post at least a basic guide to these operations.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that all 4100 systems are custom made to the job specifications. 4100s have built in default general alarm programs. If the system is selective alarm more programming than shown here will be needed.

If you want to bypass the speakers and visuals together on a general alarm system:

Program a user pseudo point (example P512) labeled “ALARM SIGNAL BYPASS” or other similar label and make the type TROUBLE.

Map that point to a front panel button using the mode TOF. Map the point to the associated LED using ON mode.

On until reset visual points (RVISUAL) auto generate into List 13. On until silence visual points (SVISUAL) auto generate into List 12.

There is a system pseudo point to bypass the default audio program. That is P110.

Write Custom Control to cause this operation.


The ON state of P512


Track points on P110 Pri:9,9

Hold points OFF L13 (or L12) pri:7,9


All 4100 systems have a built in Control Bypass point to bypass built in general alarm relay lists. It is P38.

Map P38 to a front panel button (TOF mode) and LED (ON mode).

This will bypass the built in lists.

If custom control is written such as selective AHU shutdown from a unit’s duct detectors add this line at the end of the shutdown CC input statements:

AND NOT the ON state of P38.

There are other built in bypass pseudo points.

Door holder bypass, P37.

Elevator bank 1 bypass, P36.

Elevator bank 2 bypass, P238.

Elevator bank 3 bypass, P239.

Elevator bank 4 bypass, P240.

Elevator bank 5 bypass, P241.