How to remove Gard-Site Smoke Detector?

Our Northern California home built on 1977 has a built-in Gard-Site Smoke Detector model 081-612. It does not has battery. Its mounted on the ceiling. We assume its AC hardwired, correct? How do we disconnect and remove it? Thank you very much for your help.

Cannot find any details on this company. Just marked merger out.

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can you post photos of it?

Yes: a lot of older detectors like that one are AC-only, with no battery backup.

From what I can tell the only thing you can do is to turn off the power to the detector (make sure to do this first) & then undo the two white-colored wire nuts (you’ll probably have to have someone else watch the detector’s LED for it to turn off while you flip random breakers unless one of them is specifically marked as being for the detector).

I’m not sure what happened to Cassidy Engineering Associates (“CEA”) myself, other than they appear to be long out of business (though this is the case with a lot of older disappeared smoke detector manufacturers).

Whatever you do to remove the detector, please do us a favor & give it to someone in this community who will take good care of it. Detectors that rare deserve to be preserved.

agreed it should be preserved.

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I recommend that op sell it on eBay, someone like nlind will buy it

I recommend you donate it to a fire museum near you

It most likely either be thrown in the garbage or ( hopefully ) listed on ebay

I hope he knows what he’s doing and lists it on eBay or donates it to a fire museum. like some of the other people on here said, those detectors are very rare.