How to reset Honeywell Vista 15P with keypad

Hello, I have recently got a Honeywell Vista 15P panel, and I would like to know how to factory reset it. If it’s a code that needs to be sent via PM, then please send me it. Thanks!

Alarmgrid seems to have a nifty explanation on how to do it. I’ll DM you the information since it does have links to stuff that shouldn’t be share publicly.

You should probably refer to its programming manual as well. Most panels will have instructions on how to factory reset the panel.

Enter programming mode. This is done by punching in the installer code then 800. Now the keypad should say “Installer Code 20” or just 20. Punch In [REDACTED BY MODERATOR] then the panel will reset. If desired, Punch in *99 to exit programming.

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