How to Wire Telco Lines

How can I wire these? My Notifier NSP-25 (Silent Knight 5600) has a built in dialer, and I wish to have it call my phone.

Do I need one of these?

Sorry for oversized photos. I didn’t have the time to resize them.

Look up what color of wires do what, and you should be able to wire it, but beware telephone lines are HIGH VOLTAGE so be very carful. If you just want it to call your phone, just enter your phone number in programming, and id recommend to set the max number of attempts at 1, otherwise every time it reports it will spam you phone with calls. Keep in mind, it will not speak in a voice, it transmits static-like noises that only central station receivers will understand, but it can be useful to notify you when something happened.

To wire it properly, you will need two RJ31X jacks (your second picture) and two RJ31X cord sets. The order or wires on the panel should be RED- GREEN- GREY - BROWN for line #1 and the same order for line #2. On the RJ31X jack, RED & GREEN go to the telco NID, GREY & BROWN go to the house phones.

But here’s the problem… You could program the panel to call any phone number, but it will never successfully be able to complete the call. As soon at the panel completes dialing the programmed number, it listens for the central station receiver to pick up and send an acknowledgement signal. Without that signal, the panel will just hang up and try again. And again, and again, and again, and again. Eventually, the panel will give up and lock itself into a failure to communicate or account trouble that you won’t be able to clear until it does successfully communicate with a receiver. There is a “pager” format that is designed to call a phone number without requiring the central station kissoff, but I’ve only seen them on burglar alarm communicators. You will also need two telephone lines, or fool the panel into thinking there are two phone lines - which may lead to additional trouble conditions if the panel gets ahead of itself.

Your best bet, if you want the system to call you during an event, is to just get a stand alone auto-dialer and connect it to the alarm relay. Don’t even bother with the built in dialer.

What’s the point in the 2 phone lines?

I guess this is considered pre-owned system, because this was used as a training panel for Technicians. I already looked in the programming settings and there are no previous numbers.

Redundancy. If one phone line drops dial tone, the other one can still call out. You would also program in two separate telephone numbers to call the central station. Again, redundancy.