How will I know if the water mist fire suppression system is working well?

I just had my water mist fire suppression system installed in my house last month. Recently, there was a fire incident that happened next to our village. I want to make sure that my mist fire suppression equipment is working well in case some fire breaks out here too. Anyone who can give me some tips on what to do to ensure this? TIA.

We would need some more specific information, like the model number of your system, to determine what tests, if any, are necessary.

On your water mist system, testing would likely be a simulated flow test to see if the controller detects waterflow, engages the pump, and sounds the alarm. The manual for your system would contain that specific information about any necessary tests, how to perform them, etc.

On commercial systems, there’s usually a test valve for inspectors to test the system. There might have been documentation provided with your system on how to test it, but if not it’d be best to have a local company come out and test it.