How would things be if the fire alarm sounding really did activate the sprinklers?

How would things be if the sprinkler systems really did activate when the fire alarm went off like is seen in movies? I would say that buildings would get lots of water damage.

Yes, the sprinkler systems in some buildings actually do activate when the fire alarm sounds, but those are in high risk places.

Lots of technology damage, wet floors, soggy food… yeah.

I would imagine that a LOT of the schools that are in session would end up getting their insides ruined really fast. Even if we are talking about they only activate when you set the alarms off for a drill and have stopper covers over all the pulls, you won’t be able to stop ALL false alarms so the interior would definitely need to be renovated after a while.

If this was a reality, the whole world would a different place.

There have been people working in buildings when the fire alarm sounds worrying that the sprinklers would soon activate because they’ve seen it in movies.

How a movie could be accurate about sprinklers is if a showed a fire that was small and set off the fire alarm due to a smoke detector detecting the smoke and eventually got large enough to activate the sprinkler over it. Just the sprinkler over the fire, not all of them.

But if they only had it set up that way, they wouldn’t a very interesting scene that would grip views! After all, movies only care about getting people to watch them and not about accuracy.

i think wed get wet

Some areas have required new houses to be built with fire sprinkler systems. There are people who have objected to it who think that sprinklers are prone to false alarms like smoke detectors are. They say a false alarm with a smoke detector is bad enough imagine one with a sprinkler. But really it is very rare for a sprinkler to accidentally activate.

We would use the drill button more often than pulling the alarm at school.

That wouldn’t stop malicious students from pulling the alarm hoping to flood the school plus accidental activations from smoke, fog, dust, ect.

Oh and sprinklers are EVERYWHERE so if it was in the dead of winter, you would have drenched students exiting resulting in a chance of frostbite or hypothermia.

i remember during a hurricane one of our schools got closed

Plus, I saw when you pull the fire alarm, you’re gonna get expelled from school.

You don’t actually get expelled the first time you do it, but you will most likely be fined and charged and maybe suspended.

Lots of flooding and damage, restoration companies would be having field days! We had a big riser pipe burst once in a 27 story building (right on the top floor too). The damage was so bad, they had to move everyone out from the 28-24th floors, as all apartments had to be gutted and redone, and a lot of hall/wall damage all the way to the 6th floor. Took about 6-8 months to bring everything back to normal, and that was with a full time crew working from 8-5 everyday.

I’m sure that restoration companies might at some points be pushing for all the sprinklers to go off when the fire alarm sounds. :stuck_out_tongue: