HTTP error when adding pics in posts

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying to figure this out, but for some reason, whenever I attempt to add pictures to any of my posts, I get an HTTP error. I’ve tried messing around with the image format and size, and nothing seems to work for me. Does anyone have a solution for this? I just made a recent post about my collection and would like to throw in pictures. Thanks

Attempting to attach a picture here in this post (Blank Black Box), assuming it works, please give me more details, what computer/phone are you on? What browser? This will help us troubleshoot. Also if another non-admin user can chime in here, please try to upload so I can see if the issue is on all users or just one? Thanks!


One more test image using the img tag as opposed to an attachment:

Hi Zach! I’m currently using my laptop computer (2019 MacBook Pro) with Safari as my primary browser. Not sure if this matters or not, but I’m using the latest version of Safari on Mac OS 10.15.5 Catalina. Could it just be Safari not playing nice with the website?

Chrome also gives the same issue when I use it.

My browser / operating system: MacOS Macintosh X 10.15.5, Safari 13.1.1, Flash 32.0 (release 0)

From my experience on forums, using the </s>[img]<e> tag with a non HTTPS link will cause the thread page to not have the HTTPS lock that you would otherwise see on the forums.

Uploading images is a bit of a different story… not sure why it tends to do that.

Attachments have always been a spotty feature on TFP, and I used to recommend imgur to host images. Unfortunately, imgur is transitioning itself away from being an image hosting service to being yet another social network, and they had an issue with some related posts being NSFW. I like the way imgur used to be, but I don’t recommend it anymore.

Fortunately, other services have cropped up to take its place. imgbb is a service that’s specifically meant to host images for use on webforums. The site itself is HTTPS certified so you shouldn’t get an error when trying to use it. Just make sure you use the img tag when you go to link your image:

[size=85](That URL links to a real image, check it out!)[/size]

While what Robert said is correct, we’d certainly like to correct the issue. If someone can screenshot and send me the error via email or on Discord It’ll help me investigate further.

Also confirming no luck following steps here?

New forums have negated this issue. All uploads should now work as expected.