Huge Lot of vintage rare fire alarm equiptment where to sell

I have came across a collectors huge collection of all types of fire alarm equipment. IE: slate back simplex, ADT, Faraday, gamewell etc. Everything from panels to strobes horns and huge sirens for the top of a fire station. This has been 4 van loads so far. I have some listed on ebay and plan to list others unless someone knows a place that may buy? I have been an electrician and tech for 20 years I know what I have here and not looking to donate or give away. Any suggestions would be great thanks in advance


you should probably try selling all the stuff on ebay, especially the panels, their worth a lot
(also can I have a link to your eBay profile so I can see what’s for sale?)

Could you take some pictures of the device

As for selling equipment, Older devices are typically rarer than newer devices and their values are higher. (Eg. System Sensor Spectralert Advance = $ while Simplex 4050-80 = $$$$)

As for places to sell, you should read this post. Many collectors look here for devices.

I Would recommend reading the entire thread instead of the list above…

EBay is probably your best bet.

I’m very interested in what you have for sale, would you be able to DM me your EBay profile?

You can take a look here Security Measure
my store is Section8cubby I will be listing things today and for several weeks as I go through things thanks!

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You have some cool stuff for sale

You can donate all that vintage hardware to a fire museum.