Huron High School Super Rare Mechanical Chimes

So. For anyone who wanted to see the chimes well here you go. Chime system is mostly National Time and Signal 13CF’s but they also have a mix of Edwards Chimes. Also, I’m the person who identified the Natsco Chimes Type-13CF. The chimes are well abandoned with the Bell System and I might be getting a few Natsco and Edwards chimes which if I do, I’ll be the 1st and only known person to own the National Time and Signal & Edwards Chimes. No non will be for sale.

OMG that is so freaking cool

Honestly I don’t really care if they’ll be for sale or not: as long as someone saves them that’ll be great.

Yea. I just said that so I don’t have people begging or asking.

pLeAsE cAn I hAvE oNe?

Just joking, very happy someone can save them!

You should donate some to fire museums!