Hyatt Regency Seattle fire alarm system and real activation

This hotel consists of 45 floors and 6 underground garages. Hotel rooms and suites are on floors 9 and above (which none of them had activated) and is known for being the largest hotel in Washington. The system consists of EST Genesis and SIGA-PS detectors although I can’t find any SIGA or 270-SPO pull stations anywhere. Even though I’ve already posted about some of the system already [All things smoke detector - #66 by Kai_Bannon](Of the room) here’s a little more to add.

The system might be an EST3 from it being built in 2018 with the SIGA-PS detectors it has however the voice evacuation message isn’t the typical EST message it has since it’s a 520hz tone and probably a custom message as well since it doesn’t sound anything like the Hyatt Regency O’hare

Honestly at first I didn’t think it would happen while I was staying but right at 9:25PM on January 5 one of the detectors got tripped possibly on the 5th floor since in high rise systems it won’t activate all floors. The entire 7th floor lights and escalator to it was turned off and it smelled like smoke, there were rumors about it bwing a fog machine but no qay it can cause all that to happen. If I do get the answer I’ll put in a reply to this thread but for now all we know is just a false alarm and not a anything like Chlorine Gas spilled on the stairs. This actually wasn’t recorded by me as I was in my hotel room 25 floors above where it happened and I just put the media all together. Another note is that a few days before the convention, there were troll accounts trying to threaten the concention staff so there may have been some real incident happened. Here’s my full video of what happened:

And a bonus video from that too (not mine):

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Oh wow, hope everyone & everything is/was okay.

The presence of original Signature Series detectors (SIGA-PS) indicates that it was installed sometime before the original Signature Series was discontinued supposedly around the early 2010s (& subsequently replaced with first the Signature II Series & then the current Signature Optica Series).

Do you recall the exact message script? I can’t make it out in the video you took of it because of all the noise.

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Unfortunetly I have no idea exactly what it was since I wasn’t involved in the evacuation and just stayed in my room the whole time, but from what I can tell it switches from a female voice to a male voice, doesn’t seem like a normal EST message to me but atleast I found out what caused it was a smoke machine in the RAID room (what they call it for a hardcore fursuit party area). I know F-Class has those so I suspect they may have caused this.

Oh, okay: maybe someone else has a clearer video of the message. And yeah: the voice actor switching from one gender to the other isn’t really Edwards/EST’s thing: that’s more like Simplex’s.

Well that’s good: glad it wasn’t an actual fire.

If you were 25 floors above, how did you know it was happening? Was there a standby message or something?

I got a call and the @AnthroNW telegram group started talking about an evacuation. However this photo I took of the EST3 FACP may have something to do with the alarm (This is definitely a Fire Alarm Fail)

That looks more like an annunciator.

Hmm…supervisory, trouble, but no alarms…(unless that was after they cleared the alarm in the system by resetting it)

They reset the system the hour after it was activated but they haven’t cleared out the supervisory and trouble on it it had. And it appears it’s still got multiple troubles on it that Seattle’s Fire Department didn’t get to fix.

Oh, okay. Any idea where the supervisory(ies) & trouble(s) came from exactly?

I believe it would be a laundry room on either the third floor or the fourth floor. I remember the alarm only affected floors below 7

What I meant was: what do you think caused them?

It’s possible the system may have also been tampered with it knowing about the rumors of haters getting into the convention and threats being made against it, there were already a few banned people who snuck into it and had to get escorted out by the safety enforcement volunteers.

Something like this seems to happen at all furcons

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Ayy I know the guy in the last video

It seems most high-rises in seattle have EST, and most low-rises have Simplex

I know the Seahawks stadium has a simplex and the neighboring buildings use EST, although the King Street station and the public library uses a Honeywell system.