I FAILED during a fire alarm test

At work, was testing the alarms of an elementary school and wanted to make sure the door magnets drop and they close all the way… They did as you will see…


Horizontal AS’s, Continuous tone, un-synced strobes…Not something you see every day.

Oh yeah, good job getting stuck behind those doors! :stuck_out_tongue: at least you were saved hehe

You’re right about everything. I don’t know who put the system in, but whoever did really messed up with a lot of things. By the time the panel was upgraded it surely should have been set to code 3 with synced strobes. An FCPS would have taken care of that, but here we are. This was also filmed on an 80 degree day when this school had no A/C… It was not my favorite inspection.

Not to mention, a day after we finished the inspection we got a call that there was a ground fault on the panel, and that a false alarm happened the night before. We found the offending detector in the building to be filled with water from the storm the night before. No surprise weird things happened. All is good now!

Great job getting trapped in the vestibule. I’m sure that must have been fun. LOL

Those horizontal AS’s remind me of my elementary school. There was one in a multipurpose room that used to be the cafeteria kitchen when the cafeteria was down in the sixth grade wing. It was also a first grade classroom and when there were fire drills when I was in the first grade since they have their own exit door I would stick my head in to hear the alarm go off. It was code-3 though.

My school for the most part also has no A/C other than in the newer parts from the late 80’s early 90’s. 75% of the building is from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s so teacher usually keep fans in their room but it was still extremely hot today…

Wow, an all-continuous school! Did the school have any other alarms?

All the alarms on continuous really reminds me of my current high school, since its litterally all 9846s/TrueAlerts/ceiling Exceeders on continuous, even though theres a section of the school with TrueAlerts and one 9846 on code-three. Relatable and loud!

All continuous. There was only 1 SpectrAlert Advance that was doing code 3 in a mechanical room, but that was not coded by the panel. The rest where all continuous.