I Got a New Alarm!

I just got a Wheelock AES-DL1-RH-VNR in the mail today, so I did what any of us would do; make a video!



Nice! Those are hard to come by, especially one with a red strobe.

Sounds like an EHS, but I see it can self-code to temporal 3. Does it have any other tone settings?

If you paid attention, I said my MDL was coding it to code 3. And it has two other tones: warble and siren (both high pitched and annoying).

Ooh, I like how the strobe syncs for many seconds in the start, for a non-ADA device. Sounds like a electronic 4903!

But… The way the MDL module codes non-System Sensor horns is by turning the power supply on and off, same as panel coding, and from what I gather from the model name this is a 2 wire device (4 wire Wheelock pre-ADA horn/strobes have “WS” somewhere in their name), therefore the strobe shouldn’t flash while the horn is in the off phase, and yet it does. So how is that possible?

I’ll make an in-depth video when I get home on Sunday.

Wow that is a really cool alarm that you were able to get! Its so nice and colored strobes are so rare! Great job on getting this!

I’ll post a video of me sounding this and my pre-truealert sometime this week.

On an unrelated note, if I set up a Patreon, would anyone support me?

I’m currently trying to find a job and my finances are very tight so I wouldn’t be able to donate any money to you.

Not really… This is a 4 wire device. The EHS-DL1-WS-24 is 2 wire .