I just acquired one of the most rare pull stations ever produced (Gamewell M69-5)

Yes, I bought one: a Gamewell M69, the short lived attempt to ‘modernize’ the Century series.

Not just any M69, either. An M69-5. This one comes in it’s original factory packaging NIB (NOS) and has a couple features that make it different than the normal M69. It features a key lock to reset (I will be getting two keys with the unit), as well as terminal connections for wiring and another set of contacts for auxiliary alarm as well as the normal in/out terminals. It’s very much like the M46-29, which featured the same dual-contact arrangement and was produced prior to and after the M69’s discontinuation. It will be interesting to see how the key reset one pulls versus the more common variant of the M69 where you stick a screwdriver in the hole on top and then take the cover off and put it back on (which this one may not have) versus the key lock reset type I bought, because in order to make the key lock reset possible, they would’ve probably had to design a different variant because it wouldn’t have worked with the regular M69 based on it’s design. But then again I’ll have to wait and find out.

I don’t think I’m the first person to own one, but I am definitely the second. I also bought a dual action lift cover/key reset plate accessory (also NOS) for my M46-28 Century as well, so I have two pretty rare Gamewell devices. I also will hopefully get a copy of the datasheet as well, and it is an older version than the one kcin556 got from Gamewell-FCI a couple years ago. If anyone wants me to scan them in, let me know.

Also, the dual action version of the M69 wasn’t original to that model. Like the accessory plate for the M46 series I am getting, the dual action assembly on the M69 was ordered separately and then attached to the station, either like the M46 ones which was a plate the pull station mounted onto or something else. There isn’t any place to like latch it on if it wasn’t that way, so it’s probable that like the M46 ones this mounted onto the back of the station too. The pull down letters were recessed into the black handle so they could be seen as the assembly would have covered the lettering on the actual part of the station.

We’ll just have to wait and see until I get it, which will probably happen this weekend.

That sounds really nice! I hope that you are able to show off pictures of it when you get it!