I just bought a rare pull station. Can anyone guess what it is

Ok. I bought a rare pull station off of ebay , three hints it is red and it is made of plastic, and it is tab style there is no prize if someone guesses right. Sorry

I’m pretty sure that’s not enough info for someone to guess with since many pull stations are red & made of plastic.

The original 4251-20 with the metal handle

No, but I would like one

Ok I have added another clue

Some kind of edwards siga

A SIGA can be anything from a metal pull station to a duct detector test switch

I know, but in this context I’m referring to a plastic pull station.

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Unless Caleb has an EST panel, I don’t see why he would get an addressable pull station unless she wanted to remove the module

I for one have no idea what “tab style” is supposed to mean.

Nope , the pull station is made by notifier

I think I might know now (& now that I think about it I think I do actually know what “tab style” means): Notifier LNG-1R.

You guessed it. I bought a lng-1r

Well .I Want another siga-278 but there expensive

When I buy an addressable pull station. I don’t cut the module off

ADT B5009 pull station?
Or the ADT Pull stations in the WTC complex?

Nope! But I wish I had one of those
Here is the rare pull station:

thats still really nice