I Love Thunderstorms

I guess my like for danger explains that.

I have to agree with you. It’s really amazing how powerful the energy transfer that takes place in each lightning strike is and the processes that must take place for that big of a charge to form. Yet people still blow it off as a nuisance :slight_smile: .

It would be interesting to see if in the future the voltage potential from these charges could be harnessed for electricity. It is most likely very impractical, considering especially the difference between static electricity and current electricity, but would still be cool to see.

Yeah, whenever there’s a thunderstorm, I like to wrap up in a blanket, stare out the window, and enjoy the light show.

In my opinion, the fun goes away when the power goes out.

I tend to like it too, any exciting weather really. About a week and a half ago we had a pretty good light show. I’d say there was about 2 lightning flashes per second, every second. I took videos of it and I must say it was one of the best storms I’ve seen. We could really use a storm right about now. It hasn’t rained in about 3 weeks and with it being around 90 degrees every day, the grass is turning brown.

I love thunderstorms too, but I’ve really come to acknowledge their potential for danger lately. I did a lot of driving on tour with a band this summer, and had a few near-catastrophes with severe weather. In Kentucky, we were on stage when a storm moved in and 60mph wind gusts were knocking down the stage set. We hit the road after a funnel cloud was spotted, and barely made it to the interstate in time due to the entire festival being evacuated. Another time, I was driving late at night on a crowded highway when the streetlights lost power, and the rain got so heavy that there was no visibility whatsoever. The road started to flood, and I ended up driving halfway on the sidewalk until I got to higher ground. I seriously thought we were all going to pile up and need to be rescued. After getting much more than my fill of severe weather for one year, I’ve really enjoyed the quiet last few weeks of summer in the northeast.

I remember once I was at Boy Scout camp, and there was a tornado warning, it was a cool [size=50](but scary)[/size] experience. I had to be in a small cabin that was not that strong. Luckily, it was strong enough to withstand the storm. There was a brown out for 15-ish minutes, which killed a fluorescent bulb, followed by a power outage from a downed telephone pole.

By the way, the tornado dissipated a few miles before it would have hit the camp.